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Oohlala Couple

Oohlala Couple
Other Title(s): Oohlala Spouses
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Number of Episodes: 18
Status: Complete


Shin Yoon Joon as Goo Soo Nam 
credits to the owner

Goo Soo Nam is the husband of Na Yeo Ok. 
Goo Soo Nam was a Hotel Manager. He was 
caught by Na Yeo Ok having an affair with 
another woman accidentally. He was about to be 
a General Manager when he and his wife 
exchanged souls due to an accident.
Kim Jung Eun as Na Yeo Ok
credits to the owner

Na Yeo Ok is the wife of Goo Soo Nam. 
She was an "ahjumma" (korean for older 
women) and a housewife. She 
caught her husband having an affair with 
another woman that led her to decide her 
divorce with Goo Soo Nam.

Han Jae Suk as Jang Hyun Woo
credits to the owner

Jang Hyun Woo was the X-Lover of Na Yeo Ok. 
Jang Hyun Woo was undergoing a stomach 
cancer that led him bringing a said "girlfriend" in 
order to break up with Na Yeo Ok. Na Yeo Ok and 
Jang Hyun Woo were childhood friends and have 
developed feelings with each other. Though 
he was able to survive his stomach cancer, 
he met Na Yeo Ok again having the soul 
of Goo Soo Nam in her body.

Han Chae Ah as Victoria Kim
credits to the owner

Victoria Kim was the woman that was caught by 
Na Yeo Ok having an affair with her husband, 
Goo Soo Nam. Victoria Kim was an orphan and 
Goo Soo Nam was the one who took care of her.

Other Characters:

Byeon Hee Bong - old man Wohla, matchmaker of fate

Narsha - Moosan, goddess of love
Jung Jae Soon - Park Book Sook
Joony - Go Il Ran
Uhm Do Hyun - Go Ki Chan 
Kim Myung Guk - Han Man Soo
Song Young Kyu - Kang Jin Goo
Choi Sung Guk - Lee Baek Ho
Ryu Shi Hyun - Na Ae Sook
Nam Gyu Ri - Bae Jung Ah
Eugene - Soo Nam's ex-girlfriend
Kim Byung Man - expert who specializes in catching cheating spouses

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